A new preview video has arrived, courtesy of Xbox Wire, for today’s free Tactical Taco Party Pack update for Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, detailing all the new allegedly taco-themed content.

The preview sees Xbox’s Larry Hryb outlining what he calls a “Taco-infused add-on,” listing a new map, two new character variants, a new game mode, and other free additions to the unique, colorful shooter.

The Jewel Junction map will give garden warriors a whole new, western-themed are in which to do battle. The main feature of Jewel Junction is the train that runs through the center of the map at regular intervals, but Hryb teased that Easter Eggs can also be found, including  one for which fans of Commander Shepard should be on the lookout.

Jewel Junction will be home to four game modes, including the new mode, called Vanquish Confirmed. In Vanquish Confirmed, players will only score points by claiming orbs dropped by their victims, leading to an interesting risk vs reward scenario during firefights.

Two new character variants will join the fight, as well. The Citrus Cactus fires three-round bursts of orange wedges at enemies, while the Berry Shooter makes up for a slow rate of fire by doing extra splash damage with his berry projectiles.

Other fixes and tweaks have been made, including an overhauled party matchmaking system that makes it easier for players to join and start matches.

The Tactical Taco Party Pack looks like a great addition to one of the most fun and hilarious multiplayer games on the Xbox One, but I’m just not seeing how berries, oranges, trains and old-west shoot-outs constitute a taco theme.

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