When Plants vs. Zombies swept its way across the gaming landscape in 2008, one naturally expected its follow-up to be a third-person shooter. Wait, no, nobody expected that. Still, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare turned out to be a heck of a good time, and the team behind it is about to expand the game world even further with the Suburbination Update.

Suburbination brings several new things with it, such as the new map— Crash Course. This map is one part Arizona-style desert town, one part golf course, and offers numerous low rooftops for quick running-and-gunning or sniping. There's also a new boss for Garden Ops, a vampire zombie who battles players without ever having to resort to sparkling in the sunlight.

Those on the Plants side of the Plants vs. Zombies conflict will get to play as the Plasma Peashooter, a thunder-crackling, rapid-fire/area-of-attack specialist who hits hard and looks friggin' cool. There will also be a ton of new cosmetic customization options thanks to the Bling Pack bringing loads of tacky, shiny jewelry with it.

Lastly, the main draw of the Suburbination update is Suburbination Mode itself, a variant on King of the Hill that offers multiple control points and confers huge bonuses to teams that can manage to take control of all three. This free update will hit Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare in less time than it takes for Crazy Dave to wolf down a magic taco.

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