DC Comics has been no stranger to the video game crowd of late, what with the wildly successful Batman: Arkham franchise and the upcoming MOBA Infinite Crisis adding new characters left and right. It was no surprise then to find DC Collectibles hosting a handful of new figures based on the company's most recent video game efforts at Toy Fair.

This year, DC's floorspace at the show was dramatically reduced, but the company still had plenty of impressive pieces packed into its smaller shelf space. While the lion's share was devoted to comic book figures, as you'd expect, there were some new video game goodies to check out, too. Immediately, our eyes were fixated on the giant Clayface figure based on his Batman: Arkham City appearance. We knew there was a figure planned on this hulking monstrosity, but until you see it in person, you really don't have any idea just how insanely huge this thing is. Clayface could easily go toe-to-toe with Hasbro's Galactus without breaking a sweat. Also included is an alternate head and hand, but like the rest of the Arkham line, there isn't much articulation to speak of.

Beyond the Arkham line, DC Collectibles had a handful of Infinite Crisis figures on display. With DC Universe Online, all we got was a line of moderately expensive statues. The Infinite Crisis line is composed of four figures (to start), each costing ~$40. They'll have some articulation, but fall more in line with the World of Warcraft collectibles DC previously released many, many moons ago. Don't expect more than a dozen points of articulation.

This first wave features a few different and diverse characters, and it's actually pretty cool to see DC going beyond the standard costumes for once. We've got Atomic Green Lantern and Atomic Poison Ivy, both of which have some of the most interesting takes on the characters we've seen in some time. Ivy isn't hyper-sexualized, but you still get a great sense of who she is based on the more flora-inspired look. Green Lantern's Atomic look really pushes the boundaries of the character, giving him whole limbs crafted from ring energy. The (now) trademark flight jacket cements the look, but his face rings more true to Guy Gardner than Hal Jordan.

There's also a Pajama Party Harley Quinn and a Renaissance Batman coming. Pajama Party Harley was just revealed as the latest costume in Infinite Crisis for the character, and the figure perfectly captures the in-game concept art. It's refreshing to see a Harley Quinn in a costume that isn't pieced together from the remnants of a Hot Topic sale. This design goes the complete opposite direction, trapping Harleen in a onesie, but it's playful and fun, and wouldn't raise eyebrows if you had it displayed on your desk. Renaissance Batman is the frontrunner for the most detailed in the bunch. There's a great deal of intricate work done on his wing apparatus, and as goofy as the prospect of a Da Vinci-esque Batman sounds, the costume works pretty well when rendered in action figure form.