Katana, mistress of the Soultaker will be slashing her way onto Infinite Crisis soon and we're here with a first look at her.

Infinite Crisis is a free-to-play MOBA that features many of your favorite DC super heroes and villains, and now will feature the bloodthirsty, revenge driven, Katana. Katana is Tatsu Toro's alter-ego who took over after her marriage came to a quick and sudden end. Maseo, her husband, was not only killed, but was killed by his own sword the Soultaker. This is the weapon that Katana now wields to fight against Takeo, Maseo's brother who also ended his life. The sword is said to hold the souls of those of whom it has killed, which empowers Katana to take the steps she needs to defeat her enemies.

She has a pretty extensive skill list, which you can check out (and maybe re-read about five or six times) down below.

  • Soultaker (Passive)
    • Stores the last two uses of slash and cross step
    • Each stored slash grants attack damage
    • Each stored cross step grants attack lifesteal
  • Slash
    • Deals attack damage in a cone in front of Katana
  • Cross Step
    • Rush forward a short distance
    • Reduces damage from the next enemy champion basic attack
    • Damage reduction effect can stack (up to three times)
  • Kendo
    • Executes one of four powerful styles based on stored Soultaker effect
    • (Spirit Wave)
      • Unlocked by storing Slash twice
      • Fires an arc dealing attack damage to enemies hit
    • (Shadow Step)
      • Unlocked by storing Cross Step twice
      • Rush forward while becoming briefly immune to disables
    • (Soul Rend)
      • Unlocked by storing Cross Step, then Slash
      • Deals attack damage and applies a bleed to enemies in a line
      • Basic attacks against enemies affected will briefly extend the bleed
    • (Vendetta)
      • Unlocked by storing Slash, then Cross Step
      • Empowers the next basic attack to deal additional attack damage and apply a slow
  • Thousand Cuts
    • Blink to the target enemy champion and nearby enemy champions dealing attack damage
    • Adjacent enemies are knocked back and dealt power damage
    • The last strike will always hit the original target

Fighters can get ready to take on Katana and her urge to avenge her husband's death when she comes out for Infinite Crisis on March 4.