Kendra Saunders will be soaring onto Infinite Crisis soon as Hawkgirl and if we have any advice for you it's to watch out for her mace.

Talk about a confusing day, Kendra Saunders gets randomly visited by a guy named Hawkman who tells her that they were married, lovers and super heroes in a past life. Saunders, currently a police officer, decides that's just a little too much to take in for one day and ignores Hawkman's words. Eventually, after Hawkman leaves Saunders with her past artifacts, she sees the light and transforms into Hawkgirl in order to fight the crime she couldn't as a police officer.

Hawkgirl will excel in mobility and taking down blasters with her abilities that includes some serious crowd control. Her kit works together nicely to make sure that Hawkgirl has free range of the map with slow breaks, move speed boosts, jumps to champions, silences, and knock ups.

You can check out Hawkgirl's exact abilities in the video above and expect her to be kicking some serious butt on Infinite Crisis on Jan. 21, 2015.