Turbine has revealed that Swamp Thing, our favorite humanoid mass of crime-fighting veggie matter, is joining the ranks of Infinite Crisis.

Swamp Thing has spawned on the scenes of Turbine's DC Comics-based MOBA, Infinite Crisis, and brought his vines of justice with him. For those who don't know, Swamp Thing is actually a DC superhero (Hellblazer's John Constantine debuted in the Swamp Thing series as a co-star). This green behemoth used to be Alec Holland, a brilliant chemist who was set on solving the world's hunger problems until thugs destroyed his lab by setting off an explosion, which changed Alec's life drastically and turned him into Swamp Thing.

Swamp Thing is all about health regeneration in Infinite Crisis. While baddies try to kill him, he can root them with two of his vines that will not only seal them to the spot they're on, but also do power damage. Swamp Thing also uses husks. These husks can be placed anywhere on the battle field to provide vision and are not revealed unless an enemy hero is next to them. Unfortunately, these husks only take one hit to be destroyed. The green giant also has a knock up in the form of a huge plant fist emerging from the ground to show the enemy who's boss. To top all this off, Swamp Thing's ultimate gives him bonus attack speed, immunity to slows, and substantial heals. Already at full health? No problem, the heal will turn into bonus health for you for a brief period of time.

To learn more about Swamp Thing, including good item builds and gameplay tips, you can watch the video above.