The Daughter of Roa is many things, but boring is not one of them. Arcane Supergirl just arrived in Infinite Crisis to show the other champions their places... by burning off their faces.

Like all of the other champions in Infinite Crisis, Arcane Supergirl has four skills and a passive. Her passive, Daughter of Rao, sets her target on fire when dealing a basic attack after one of her four skills. This deals additional Power Damage over time for super face burning abilities.

Her Q-bound skill is next on the list and is called Breath of Rao. With this skill, Arcane Supergirl places a fireball down that increase in range and speed over time. You can release it early by using the skill before it's charged up, which is useful when using it in conjunction with her W-bound skill. When she does release it, early or not, it deals Power Damage to all the enemies it touches.

Now to get to her W-bound skill, named Firewall. This skill creates a wall of fire at a target location. If enemies are within the wall, they take Power Damage over time and it decreases their movement speed. As previously mentioned, Breath of Rao combined with Firewall create some pretty awesome effects. Not only does Breath of Rao do more damage, but Firewall's cooldown timer is reduced. Its cooldown is also reduced if Arcane Supergirl's E-bound skill passes through it.

Pyrolyze (oh the puns) is Arcane Supergirl's E-bound skill. It launches a fireball which stuns the first enemy it hits and does Power Damage. If Pyrolyze passes through Firewall then it applies a longer stun.

Finally, Arcane Supergirl's R-bound skill is adeptly named Rao's Wrath. For this skill, Arcane Supergirl somehow manages to turn a firebird into a suicide bomber which hits the ground after a brief delay doing area of effect Power Damage to all those within the area. This skill can be used three times before the cooldown timer starts up.

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