Two new Champions have been unveiled for the DC universe-powered multiplayer online battle arena, Infinite Crisis.

Nightmare Robin is the child of Talia al Ghul and Nightmare Batman, cursed with vampirism. Named Damian by her mother, he was sent to be trained by Bruce Wayne as Robin. In the game, he is a swift assassin whose skills only allow him to get even quicker and take less damage. Being a vampire, he can also siphon health from enemies, allowing him to rush around some more.

Atomic Joker is really just a disembodied head that's been stuck in a preservation vessel a la Futurama. He was stuck in a bunker when a bunch of survivors of a nuclear war discovered him. He convinced them to create a community and became the de facto leader, despite being just a head. He now rides on the back of one of his followers, a large fellow named Gaggy. In the game, he acts as a sharpshooter and has a variety of skills that employ his unique sense of humor. We won't spoil anything, but there's a skill involving a banana peel. Yeah.

Watch the trailers above to get some tips and tricks on how to play these two Champions and jump into Infinite Crisis on PC now!