The newest character to join the Infinite Crisis roster is Kara Zor-El, otherwise known as Supergirl, who is Superman's cousin.

Like her cousin, Kara crash-landed on Earth. The difference between the two is that it took a few decades for Kara's trip to be completed, so it was a shock for her to see that Kal-El was now a full-grown man. Kara is considered a Bruiser and uses her strength, speed and resilience to beat up her enemies. Here's a brief rundown of her skills in the game:

  • Passive: Solar Furnace - Every basic attack grants her one stack of Solar Furnace, up to a maximum of four. One maxed, Supergirl gets a bonus to True Damage and grants her the Worldbreaker skill, which gives her next basic attack additional Attack Damage and strikes in a cone.
  • Bounding Strike - A dash attack that deals Attack Damage and allows her to move quickly through drones. The dash ends at the first jungle creature or enemy Champion that it strikes
  • Determination - Briefly buffs Supergirl's Attack Armor and Move Speed. While Determination is active, her next four basic attacks reduce the cooldown of Worldbreaker and Bounding Strike.
  • Ultimate: Comet - Supergirl grabs her target and dashes forward in order to deal Attack Damage and knock her target down. Enemies caught in her path will be knocked up.
Watch the video above to see more tips and tricks when it comes to playing Kara in Infinite Crisis and jump into the beta by following this link.