Are you a Titanfalll fan finding yourself burdened by an overabundance of money? Then why not pre-order the Pilot statue from Gaming Heads?

You can now pre-order the Militia Assault Pilot, complete with wall-running pose, a Hemlok Burst-Fire Rifle and full gear. According to Gaming Heads, both the base and the Pilot combined measure up to 23 inches tall. This might not be a Titan, but it's certainly large.

This statue will enjoy a limited run, with only 1,000 pieces being shipped worldwide. If you choose to grab it, you'll get it in deluxe, full-color packaging with an authenticity card that will allow you to register it with Gaming Heads. Once you register your figure with Gaming Heads, you'll ensure that you'll get the same number for future Titanfall statues.

Go to this link if you'd like to pre-order the statue, which is designed by Kaushik Manna and will sell for $329.99 when it's released in Q1 2015.