Gazillion's Marvel Heroes MMO is in closed beta now, but you can enjoy seeing some of the game's latest hero in action in this new trailer.

Thor isn't just a member of the Avengers, he's also the Norse God of Thunder, and he certainly commands attention in the latest teaser for Marvel Heroes. Not only will he have a host of powers at his disposal thanks to the mighty Mjolnir, but Gazillion has also made sure to include a bunch of different costumes for the larger-than-life hero from all his various incarnations in both comic and movie form.

All of the other playable characters in Marvel Heroes will get the same treatment, as customizing your favorite hero is a big part of the game. Gazillion has built the MMO to allow multiple versions of the same character to be played at once, so not only will these costumes recall some of your favorite looks, but they'll also help differentiate various Thors (or Wolverines or Captain Americas), on the battlefield.

Check out the trailer below, and let us know which of Thor's various looks you'd rock in Marvel Heroes.

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