Exactly one year after the launch of Marvel Heroes, Gazillion will be relaunching their free-to-play superhero massively multiplayer online role-playing game under the title Marvel Heroes 2015.

The culmination of a year of game content, Marvel Heroes 2015 will also offer all new content. The press release and trailer video don’t give us too much info on what will be added to the game, but we do know that end-game raids and alternate advancement systems will be available, and that players will have the opportunity to defend the Xavier Mansion and recruit non-playable heroes as Team-Up characters. The trailer also reveals that classic Thor villain, Surtur, will be included as the boss in an end-game raid.

Marvel Heroes has changed dramatically since it launched last year, adding a ton of new characters, costumes and locations, and even fundamentally changing the game’s combat and advancement systems. It has improved with each update, becoming a deeper and more robust game, and this major relaunch should signify another leap forward. We’re still waiting for more details on the launch, but it’s nice to see that Gazillion is dedicated to continuously improving the game experience for Marvel fans. We'll check out the new version of Marvel Heroes when it launches on June 4.

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