Fans of the long-running tropical island dictator sim series, rejoice! The Department of Tropican Historical Manipulation (otherwise known as Tropico publishers Kalypso Media) boasts of the upcoming Tropico Dictator Pack, a collection of some of the finest content in the series.

Perfect for anyone who has been out of the Tropico loop for a while, the Tropico Dictator Pack includes the first Tropico and its Paradise Island expansion for anyone feeling nostalgic. There's also Tropico 2 and Pirate Cove in case you're hankering for some scurvy pirate island action, Tropico 3 and Absolute Power for those who want to squeeze the iron fist of dictatorship a little more tightly, and Tropico 4 plus Modern Times, who want to oppress their island inhabitants while still enjoying the pleasantries of modern living.

While this combination pack sounds pretty nice for anyone who has misplaced their Tropico disks over the years and is feeling nostalgic, there's no new content to entice those who still have these games and their expansions. Still, this is a hefty collection of stuff, and (depending on the price tag), will probably make for a great purchase for anyone looking to get back into the island dictator business.

The Tropico Dictator Pack arrives Sept. 12, 2014, in the UK.