Dark puts you in the vampiric shoes of Eric Bane, a recently-turned child of the night. And like a kid trying to learn how to ride a bike, Eric's going to have to learn how to stalk and bite. Luckily, a new video shows us some of the skills our new blood-sucking friend has at his disposal!

The game makes use of a radial menu from which you can select your skills and see them deployed in the battlefield. And as one would expect, the shadows are a newly-turned vampire's best friend, offering hidings spots and hidden vantage points.

First up on the menu is Vampire Vision, which lets Eric scope out all signs of life in the immediate area. Using this skill turns the screen into a trippy, night vision-like purple, highlighting nearby unsuspecting blood donors in red. Use this to plan out your attack and to make sure that you remain undetected!

Distract is self-explanatory and baits the target's attention toward a spot of your choosing, so you're free to run up behind them and sink your fangs into their soft, squishy necks. Classic misdirection!

Shadow Leap lets you teleport to target locations, giving you more freedom to traverse your surroundings. Use it to get up to higher areas and get the jump on your prey.

Celerity is a speed boost that lets you run like the wind, all while giving you that cool blurry effect that makes being a vampire so damn cool.

And finally, Shadow Kill allows you to teleport to a target and instantly kill them. Because what fun is being a vampire if you can't magically appear behind a guy to insta-kill him?

Check out the video below to see all of these skills in action and look out for Dark when it hits the PC and the Xbox 360 this summer! Let us know what you think of these vampiric skills in the comments section below!