A brand new action-platformer called Alien Spidy has been let loose on the world today, giving players a chance to jump into the eight shoes of a technologically advanced alien spider who's looking for his buddy.

Enigma Software has developed a single-player action-platformer that lets you swing around some positively alien environments (though they're on earth), in a bid to find your friend, Virgi, and the parts to fix your crashed ship.

Spidy swings, swims, and crawls his way to victory in this game, and can do so thanks to some fantastic controls and a cool swinging mechanic. According to the press release, other features in the game include:

  • Great Controls: Intuitive controls enable players to walk, run, jump, push, swing, and swim.
  • Simple Training: Learn the ropes in five training levels.
  • 69 Levels, Three Stages: Explore 69 levels across three vast stages (Forest, Pond, Caves).
  • Leaderboards: Compete with friends by comparing level-specific and global scores on the online leaderboards.
  • Non-Linear Level Structure: After the five Training levels, each stage enables players to choose the levels they want, and in which order they want to play them in.
  • Lots of NPCs: Experience a broad, evolving cast of non-playable characters and diverse enemies - from lazy sloths, needle-shooting hedgehogs, ravenous fish, pesky mosquitos, and lots more - in each level and setting.
  • Collect Orbs and Power-ups: Collect energy orbs and power-ups to progress and defeat enemies.
  • Secret Levels: Earn stars to unlock special secret levels.
  • Unity3D: Alien Spidy is built on the Unity3D Engine.
The game is now available on PC and Mac for $9.99 and Xbox LIVE Arcade for 800 Microsoft Points. A release for the PlayStation Network will be coming soon and will most likely be $9.99 as well.
Watch the video below and let us know if you'll be downloading the arachnid's adventure!