We hope you like puzzles, because The Talos Principle is charging its lasers for its big launch next month.

Devolver Digital and Croteam have announced that the "mystical metaphysical parable," The Talos Principle, is going to be coming out for PC on Dec. 11, and its Android and PlayStation 4 ports will be coming out in early 2015. We're looking forward to The Talos Principle because it's a sci-fi puzzle game set in a first-person perspective. It is notably being developed by the Serious Sam crew at Croteam and its story is written by Tom Jubert, who crafted the excellent stories of FTL and The Swapper. Talos will be putting you in control of a sentient AI that is running a simulation of humanity's most famous ruins and ancient landmarks. You must solve all sorts of puzzles that are intertwined with a metaphysical message about existence and intelligent life existing on a doomed planet.

Croteam released a mini-game prequel to The Talos Principle, called Sigils of Elohim, which is available for free on the iOS, Android and PC (via Steam) formats.