Put Groundhog Day and Majora's Mask on hold, Devolver Digital's Paradise Never will have you stuck reliving the same three days over and over.

Paradise Never takes the basic principle of all those movies that we love to hate — the kind where the main character takes far too long to realize that he's reliving the same day over and over again until he or she gets it right. In Paradise Never, you will play in futuristic version of France where there is an island colony in some serious turmoil. You're going to have to work your hardest in order to free your island from the imperial presence keeping its inhabitants down. However, you will also have to keep you and your friends alive, which may be harder than it sounds.

In the trailer above, you can check out some snippets of Paradise Never's gameplay. It's described as having a superior NPC behavioral system as well as a complex object interaction mechanic on a tropical island that regenerates every three days in order to really draw you into the game (Skull Kid would be proud). You will need to figure out the secrets of its NPCs by talking to them at different times and places during these three days in order to truly figure out how to win the game. You can fight on land with a lethal electric guitar (FLCL style) or take to the sea with your cannon-equipped boat, but you need to remember that killing things isn't your objective. If you stray too far from your goal, the game will reset and you will start at the beginning yet again.

If you're at PAX East this weekend, you can check out Paradise Never at the Indie Megabooth (#6155) before it comes out sometime this summer for PC.