The Sims 3: University Life launches today, and with it comes this trailer full of the interwebz' most popular memes. Oh, you kids and your newfangled web-talk.

It's time to get collegiate, y'all. The latest expansion for the wildly popular god-simulation game, The Sims 3, has come out, right in time for Spring Break. You'll be able to partake in some Animal House-like antics with this new college-centric add-on, which may or may not automatically equip every new Sim you make with a red solo cup.

The expansion lets players explore a new college town that boasts a bowling alley, a SimBurger for the Sim with discerning tastes, and the obligatory cafe or two. Actually, the cafes might even be across the street from each other. If not, you can always make it that way!

You can enroll your intrepid young Sims in classes at the university and prepare them for the future. There are six majors to choose from and each class will help them benefit later on in life. As you advance in your studies, you'll have a chance to improve your Sim's performance whatever career track they choose, be it through accelerated pay, higher career entry, and more.

And what would college be without crazy keggers? Alright, so they're juice-keggers in the game, but who doesn't like a good party? If your Sim is cool enough, they might even find love!

Check out the launch trailer below and let us know if you'll be enrolling! Acceptance is immediate, since the expansion launches today for the PC and Mac!