The Sims 3 never seems to run out of steam, which is a good thing for fans, but probably bad news for their wallets. Either way, collegiate hijinks are coming down the chute in The Sims 3: University Life.

Sharpen up those plumb-bobs and get ready to hit the books (and the parties!), because your Sims are going to find out the finer points of higher learning. The University Life expansion pack lets your Sims leave the nest in order to explore life in academia. You'll enroll in classes, hang out in coffee shops, attend keggers (juice-keggers, that is), start protests, and maybe even end up in a one-night stand college romance.

There's an all new college town for your Sims to get lost in and you can even partake in activities like spray-painting murals or playing hacky sack. There will be six majors to choose from, which will hopefully lead to degrees (assuming your Sim doesn't decide to drop out and start a successful company). And these degrees will make it so that they get accelerated pay and better career opportunities when they're thrust out into the real world!

You can also pre-order a limited edition version that comes with the Party Pack, which seems to include a bunch of togas and a Greek statue. Cool beans.

Check out the trailer and screenshots below and keep it here for any more news regarding this expansion before it comes out in March. Let us know if you're ready to enroll by posting in the comments section below!