The Sims 3 keeps the expansion packs rolling and, right in time for the warmer months, will be releasing The Sims 3: Island Paradise. As you can tell from the title, we're going to be seeing a lot of tropical environments, which will mark a first in the franchise's history.

Island Paradise will let players recreate a five-star resort experience with beautiful tropical islands, explore crystal blue waters, and take advantage of the warmth that only beachside living can provide.

Your Sims can scuba dive and look for treasure, find shipwrecks, and even become friends with mermaids! Or, if they'd rather stay above the water, they can decorate houseboats and sail around the islands.

According to the press release, Island Paradise will have the following key features:

  • Set sail for adventure - Your Sims can pilot speedboats and paddleboats to travel between the islands and even discover uncharted islands.
  • Build and run a five-star resort - Sims can build their own family-friendly resorts and deck them out with waterslides, buffets, and cottages. Or, if you'd rather cater to unattached Sims looking to mingle, you can build a singles resort with pool bars!
  • Life is a beach - Discover new islands, find buried treasure, and unearth sunken ships with your Sims in their scuba gear.
  • Boat sweet boat - Full customize a houseboat that can be moored at any open port! Now you can have a house on the go!
  • New ways to build - If you'd rather have a house that's stationary, you can build up houses on stilts that sits partially on land and water!
The expansion is set to be released in June 2013 for PC and Mac, right in time for summer! While we wait, check out these screenshots and look forward to spending time in paradise.