The Secret World, the epic low-fantasy massively-multiplayer online role-playing game, has received an update that adds a brand new lair raid to the mix. And from the looks of the screenshot above, it will hold some pretty horrific battles.

Players will get the chance to do battle with the Eidolon of the Outer Dark, a creature with such a badass name that it could only be imprisoned in a place called The Island of Stillborn Stars. If that wasn't enough awesomeness to totally rock your brain, the Eidolon even kind looks like Cthulhu, which should make most players soil their virtual pants.

Fighting the Eidolon requires players to first piece together pattern pieces from previous Lair bosses, form up a group of 10 players, locate his portal, and then perform a ritual to get to the Island of Stillborn Stars.

Are you brave enough to take on this new horror? Then let us know in the comments below!