Hide and Shriek Review
While Hide and Shriek is a jump-scare ridden game with a simple premise, there’s enough here to give it some depth beneath its holiday charm.
The Secret World Reveals Its Spring Wardrobe
Funcom's The Secret World is a game full of "low-fantasy" adventures, clandestine organizations, and a fascinating look at the supernatural world that's hidden behind the scenes of our own. It's also full of kick-ass clothes that your characters can wear in order to …
The Secret World
The Secret World, the epic low-fantasy massively-multiplayer online role-playing game, has received an update that adds a brand new lair raid to the mix. And from the looks of the screenshot above, it will hold some pretty horrific battles.
Secret Competition
The Secret World is holding a music competition! The lucky winners will have their music implemented in the game itself, for all of the secret societies to hear. Here's to hoping that there are no subliminal messages in the songs!