Grab your ticket to ride, folks, because The Secret World is taking you to the Scorched Desert in Egypt with Issue #6: The Last Train to Cairo!

This update is slated for an early March release and will pack in a new story and several new side missions that revolve around cultists who worship a dark god named Aten. So of course it's up to the players to stop the crazies from following through with their evil schemes that threaten to destroy the world.  What's with dark gods always trying to destroy worlds? Don't they have anything better to do, like catch up on Netflix's House of Cards?

Players will face off against Aten's prophet, Abdel Daoud, and come to the aid of the Marya warriors, who were captured by some Atenist cultists. They'll also barter with an undead weapons dealer named Said, who happens to know how to fight against the cult of Aten. One of the new tools is the Whip Auxiliary weapon. You'll be in a desert, fighting with a whip. How much more badass can that get?

And did we forget to mention you can duke it out with baddies on top of a moving train? So cool!

On top of the adventures in the desert, Issue #6 will give players access to the new Veteran and Recruitment system. According to the official site, "for each month you are or have been a member you receive points which can buy unique rewards." On top of that, each new player you recruit nets you points equal to a Membership month.

Take a look at the adventurous screenshots below and tell us if you're going to hop on the train to fight a dark god!