Funcom's The Secret World is a game full of "low-fantasy" adventures, clandestine organizations, and a fascinating look at the supernatural world that's hidden behind the scenes of our own. It's also full of kick-ass clothes that your characters can wear in order to show off their incredible fashion sense while hunting down demons and such.

A new update on the game's official site offers a guide that reminds players that their characters are able dress to the nines and look good while kicking shadowy butts around the world.

These outfits are purely cosmetic and don't affect stats, so players can wear what they like while effectively battling opposing forces in the world. This makes it so that player characters don't have to be tied to a specific gear set just because of high stats and can be free to change their looks at any time.

Outfits can be bought with in-game money or from the Item Store with real-world cash. You can also earn new duds through exploration, unlocking achievements, completing missions, participating in events, and winning in PvP (player vs. player).

Check out a small selection of the clothes available in the game below and let us know which outfit you'd want to rock on your adventures through The Secret World.