Guy Dangerous, star of the idol-grabbing, monkey-jukin' game Temple Run, stars in an all new digital comic. What can we expect in this back story to the beloved bite-sized app?

Ape Entertainment has partnered up with Imangi Studios to release a Temple Run comic in a new digital comic book app in order to expand on the game's universe. You can pick up the first installment right now for $0.99.

The first issue starts off with Guy Dangerous and his crew finding a golden idol while searching for an Incan city, the catalyst for the whole adventure. As a bonus, you'll also get Issue #2 for free, where you can follow along as our hero gets transported to a temple somewhere for away, only to be met with the game's famous pursuit-loving, demonic monkeys.

All of the issues can be downloaded within the Temple Run Comics app and will cost $0.99 monthly. Act quick though, because the offer to receive Issue #2 free of charge is only available for a limited time.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your wallet, dodge some demon monkeys, and download Temple Run for your iPhone & iPad!