Following the success of Temple Run: Brave, Disney Mobile Games and Imangi Studios partnered up today to release Temple Run: Oz, the latest in a string of collaborations between the legendary studio and mobile game makers. The game arrives on mobile devices ahead of the upcoming film "Oz the Great and Powerful," which hits theaters this Friday.

In this Oz-themed version of Temple Run, gamers step into the running shoes of Oscar Diggs, a gentleman you might know better as The Wizard of Oz! In a really clever twist, you will guide Diggs through the Land of Oz along, you guessed it, the Yellow Brick Road.

The hazards along the way will include flying balloons, collapsing bridges and all manner of Oz-grown flora and fauna. Temple Run: Oz will likely continue the success of the Temple Run franchise, which broke a few records last month when Temple Run 2 was launched.

You can download Temple Run: Oz right now on the Apple App Store for your iPhone and iPad. For Android users, it will also be available on Google Play, though as of this writing it hasn't showed up there yet.

Check out another screen and the trailer below: