The 10 Best Disney iOS Games is a fun gaming topic to discuss. Disney has been making mobile games since the old flip phone days and they've continually tried to come up with new and creative ways to bring their most beloved properties to your phone. But most of the apps are interactive storybooks, so it can be tough to find a few gems in the App Store. Kids and adults love the movies and cartoons that Disney brings to theaters and they want to continue having adventures with their favorite films. But it's slim picking out there for fans of Disney characters. Lucky for you, we did some digging and found the 10 Best Disney iOS Games you (and your kids), could enjoy on your mobile device.

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    Tron/Tron Legacy


    Every gamer on the planet loves Tron, and if you don't then it's Game Over for you, my friend. While the multiplayer servers for both the Tron and Tron: Legacy apps have been taken offline (effectively killing what made the apps replayable in the first place), it's still fun cruising around on a Lightcycle trying to derez your computer opponent. Tron starts off our list of the 10 Best Disney iOS Games.

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    Seven Dwarfs: The Queen's Return


    Can you rescue Snow White and the seven dwarfs from the return of the evil Queen? Enter the enchanted forest and build your village as you explore new locations in your quest to rid the world fo the Evil Queen once and for all! Download this game if you want to live happily ever after.

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    Totally Tangled


    Totally Tangled is a simple game that give kids some fun activities to do. There's a slide puzzle game with three different settings, depending on how good you are, and a fun photo app where you can have your picture taken with Pascal, Rapunzel's color-changing chameleon sidekick. Totally Tangled may not have much to it, but it's still a good distraction while you're waiting in line at Disneyland.

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    The Muppets: Tap Tap


    It's time to play the music with The Muppet Show tonight! The lovable Muppets are here to stay and Tap Tap is a fun game for Muppet fans of all ages. Life's a happy song when you download and tap along to this amazing music game.

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    The Lone Ranger


    Inspired by the live-action movie, take control of The Lone Ranger as you and Tonto bring justice to the wild west. This 3D role-playing adventure will have you confronting villains in epic showdowns, so saddle up, pardner.

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    Disney Fairies Fly


    Based off the best-selling direct-to-DVD movies, Disney Fairies Fly is parked right in the middle of our 10 Best Disney iOS Games list because it appeals to both children and adults. With beautiful graphics, wonderful music and sound, and easy to learn gameplay, Disney Fairies Fly will keep your young one entertained for hours as they fly through magical lands in the fairy universe. While the app is geared towards children, no one will think badly of you for sneaking in a game or two when your kid isn't looking.

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    Fix-It Felix Jr.


    Disney's Wreck-It Ralph animated movie has a really fun iPhone app that brings you back to those old-school gaming days of Rampage. But instead of destroying buildings, you're fixing the mess that Wreck-It Ralph is leaving behind. Repair windows, avoid the birds and make sure Ralph doesn't drop a box on your head as you make your way to the top of each building. It's free, it works with the iCade and it's a lot of retro fun.

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    Alice in Wonderland: A New Champion


    Inspired by the Tim Burton film, fall down the rabbit hole once more as you try and stop the return of the evil Red Queen. Solve riddles and encounter all of your familiar Wonderland friends, like The Mad Hatter, The White Rabbit and more.

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    Pirates of the Caribbean: Master of the Seas


    While the movies may be questionable as to how good or bad they are, Master of the Seas is a fun title because you actually get to play as a pirate. This surprisingly creative Disney app is a giant social gaming environment that allows you to invite friends to join your crew as you explore islands, battle other ships, purchase weapons and equipment and search for buried treasure. You get a lot of gaming value for free, and it's a fun way to meet other scallywags and buccaneers.

  • 1

    Where's My Mickey?


    With the success of the Where My Water? franchise, Disney decided the next step was to go old school, with Where's My Mickey? Mickey Mouse and pals are re-introduced to a whole new generation of kid gamers with this fun and whimsical puzzle game. The animation is beautiful and the puzzles are top notch. Welcome back, Mickey! Now all we need is a new Mickey movie. Mickey will always be #1 in our hearts, and in our list of the 10 Best Disney iOS Games.