We're heading back into the King of the Iron Fist tournament with some of the greatest graphics the fighting game genre has ever seen in Tekken 7. 

The intro video for the arcade version of Tekken 7 captivated us with its stunning visuals and its brand new features. Based upon the intro, the characters we can expect to see in the game are Steve, Paul, Lili, Asuka, Leo, Dragunov, Law, Heihachi, Kazuya, Lars, Alisa, Xiaoyu, Bryan, Hwoarang, Feng, King and many others. New fighters include the likes of Katarina and Claudio. Katarina is a Savate kickboxer with guns on her guns and Claudio is a suave guy who has Mike Tyson's facial tattoo for some reason. Tekken 7 appears to have its own version of Street Fighter IV's Focus Attack, which is a telegraphed, slow move that lets you absorb a hit during specific frames of its long animation to stun an enemy. There also appears to be a new sweeping mechanic and all kinds of new particle physics with each hit.

Tekken 7 is gearing up to look like one of the best-looking fighting games of all time. These insane graphics built from Unreal Engine 4 suggests that Tekken 7 will be current-gen only, making the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One likely targets for its home console debut. Unfortunately, no type of launch window has been announced for Tekken 7's console or arcade release. Stay tuned as we'll provide up-to-date coverage of Tekken 7 once more information is available.

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