The war between the Rebel Alliance and the Empire gets even bigger with Star Wars: Commander's new Worlds in Conflict update.

Disney Infinity and Lucasfilm Ltd. have launched the Worlds in Conflict update for their Force-filled RTS mobile game, Star Wars: Commander. Everything's getting an overhaul, especially when it comes to the Galactic Map and new designs being added. The Galactic Map will let you choose fight locations and relocate on various iconic planets from the Star Wars universe, such as Hoth, Tattooine, Dandoran, Er'kit and Yarvin IV. You can also expect some new PVP tournaments, storylines and missions.

This new update will include World Relocations; the new Galaxy Map where you can scout other worlds and gain intel about upcoming battles; a new menu that shows your friends and chapter progress; Planetary Conflicts, which feature tournament-style PVP events; PVP victory loot bonuses; and Planetary Leaderboards, so you can see your own rank and the top 50 Commanders on each planet. This update will let you team up with iconic characters from the franchise. After launching last year, Star Wars: Commander has acquired 18 million players, who have been in over 600 million battles total. Stormtroopers, the most popular infantry unit (obviously), have been implemented in battle over 4 billion times.

You can download Star Wars: Commander for free at Google Play or the App Store. Likewise, the Worlds in Conflict expansion is free as well. Obviously, this F2P game comes with your expected variety of time limits that are meant to inspire in-game purchases using real cash.

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