Before DICE and EA took the reins on Battlefront, we almost got a Star Wars shooter from the creators of TimeSplitters.

The Star Wars Battlefront series was a smash hit on the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and PC for a few years. However, the series skipped the last generation, and we never got a proper sequel on the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360. That doesn't mean there wasn't one planned.

In 2006, Free Radical and LucasArts were working in conjunction to develop Star Wars Battlefront 3. The game would follow the familiar trend set in the previous two entries, with players pitted against one another in large-scale battles and the ability to choose from first- and third-person perspectives. You'd also be able to play as iconic heroes and villains like Han Solo and Darth Vader.

What was supposed to set Battlefront 3 apart from its predecessors was the ability to transition seamlessly from ground combat to aerial combat. Not only would you have been able to jump in a ship launched from space and drop down planetside to aid in the battle, but you'd also be able to engage in dogfights along the way. Where earlier games did include space combat, that mode was offered separately from the other arena battles in areas like Endor or Mos Eisley.

Unfortunately, while Battlefront 3 was in development, LucasArts went through a major transition, and due to a change in leadership as well as budget constraints, Battlefront 3 was shut down. An unfortunate consequence was that without Star Wars, Free Radical was soon forced to close its doors. While it did find new life under Crytek for a short time, the studio was again hit with some financial troubles, and now resides under the Deep Silver development arm.

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