EA and DICE have unveiled some new details about Star Wars Battlefront's anticipated open beta launching next month.

The official EA blog for Star Wars Battlefront posted all kinds of juicy deets about next month's upcoming beta. Unfortunately, EA still hasn't announced a specific date as to when we should expect the beta to begin. We did learn that the beta is hitting PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and will be digitally available for all three platforms. The beta will include both offline and online modes, which feature co-op and split-screen co-op gameplay.

An FAQ portion of the blog revealed that AI bots will be included in the game's Fighter Squadron mode (10 AI units on each side). In terms of firearms, you'll have a primary blaster (depending on what kind of character you're playing) as well as a customizable sidearm. Battlefront's Star Card system will determine your sidearm/grenade (the Star Card system will also feature microtransactions... ugh). Presumably, you'll have access to grenades, ion guns, sniper/laser rifles and other kinds of Star Wars-esque ordnance to carry alongside your primary blaster.

Star Wars Battlefront will debut on Nov. 17 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. All versions of the game will be able to get two special maps on Dec. 8 that take place on Jakku, the planet featured in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, (hitting theaters on Dec. 18) but pre-ordering the game will let you have access to these new stages on Dec. 1.

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