It's hard to think that this pre-alpha footage of the cancelled Star Wars Battlefront 3 project was done by the same team known for Timesplitters.

YouTuber BananaSwag has posted two new videos featuring pre-alpha gameplay of the now defunct Star Wars Battlefront 3, VG247 reports. Originally started by Free Radical Design in 2006, this was one of the numerous, cancelled Star Wars projects that have come and gone, such as the Rogue Squadron remastered trilogy and Star Wars 1313. One of Free Radical's founders claimed that Battlefront 3 was 99 percent complete when it was cancelled. On the other hand, a former LucasArts employee said it was nowhere near done, claiming the company pulled the plug because the game itself looked mediocre. After watching this pre-alpha gameplay footage of Battlefront 3, we agree. We know, we know -- it's early stage footage, but still. Nevertheless, it's always a sad moment to reflect on cancelled games that had potential. Luckily, DICE is now in charge of the next Battlefront game.

Luckily, DICE's Star Wars Battlefront title is due sometime in 2015 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.