After nearly two years of hard work, War Balloon Games is finally submitting their long delayed spaceship building title Star Command to the iTunes Store. Co-founder Jordan Coombs posted a lengthy update on their Kickstarter page about the big news.

Coombs admitted that Star Command met just 30% of the development team's original vision. The three person crew, however, claim they are proud of the final results. "But we do feel like we got to the core of the idea - managing your ship, hiring your crew, making life or death decisions,meeting strange aliens and exploring the galaxy," posted Coombs. "There are many things we would like to still do, and we will get those in future updates."

After Star Command is released on iOS, the Android version will launch approximately a month later. The Windows PC version will serve as the group's beta platform, as they will, "test new features there, bug fix, release then bring them back to mobile."