Star Command, a game that was first announced in March 2011, is in its final stages of development. In an interview with Polygon, War Balloon co-founder Jordan Coombs explained why the title missed its share of release dates.

Although Coombs would not give out an exact release date, Polygon speculated that the game may even come out next month. "The biggest reason we missed our first deadline," said Coombs, who claims the game is 99% complete. "Is that we were making a PC game on a platform that isn't designed for that. We expected a six month process because that's what it takes to make a mobile game. But we're making a PC game, for all intents and purposes, this isn't Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja as far as complexity."

Another reason for the missed deadlines is that the developers want the best game possible for the Star Command fans who supported them through Kickstarter. "You want to make sure the people who supported you get what they wanted," added Coombs. "They gave hard-earned money to a hope and a dream."

Star Command enables players to customize their captain and ship before they explore planets and battle aliens.

With the game slated for an iOS, Android, PC, and Mac release, one really has to question if War Balloon is really that close to the finish line. Their first Kickstarter campaign, which raised almost $37,000 ended back on October 2011. A second Kickstarter project, which raised funds for developing the PC and Mac versions, took in $151,000 back in August 2012.

We know that space is the final frontier, but hopefully Coombs and his crew are moving at warp speed to get the job done.