War Balloon's long in development Star Command is actually nearing the finish line. Announced in March 2011, the game has players building their own spaceship and crew and encountering all forms of different alien races. With its slow progress, Star Command's release date seemed up in the air, but there a few positive signs.

On their official blog, a recent post said that the game is, "so (expletive) close" to completion. Accompanying the comment were several new screen shots to hopefully whet gamers' appetites. A week ago War Balloon also opened up their merch store, and for $19.99 you can purchase a grey Star Command Community College shirt.

The game, which will be made available for Mac, PC, Android, and iPhone users, was initially set for a limited release in specific territories this month, but patient fans who have waited for Star Command objected to the idea. War Balloon has decided to release the game worldwide, but they still have yet to announce a firm release date.