Square Enix has been taking advantage of all its handsome men lately and its continuing to do so in two new Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Venom Snake figures.

ToyArk reports that there are two new Venom Snake figure on the horizon — the standard "Splitter" version as well as an Amazon Japan Exclusive "Gold Tiger" version. Square Enix will be releasing these figures under its Play Arts Kai line. There isn't much information out about either version of the figure just yet, but you can check out the pictures below to see them in detail. The first version, the "Splitter" Big Boss figure, features a few different interchangeable hands as well as an interchangeable head, two guns and a knife. There are the same amount of interchangeable pieces for the "Gold Tiger" version as well.

The differences between the two are mainly with the coloring,especially with the bionic arm. The "Gold Tiger" version is, fittingly, colored with shades of tan while the "Splitter" version is more green camo and black. The two aren't too far off in price either. While there's only a link to the "Gold Tiger" Amazon Japan exclusive version of the figure, the prices have both been revealed. The "Gold Tiger" version is 10,584 Yen (about $88) and the "Splitter" version is at 9,800 Yen (roughly $82).

The "Splitter" version will be releasing in May, whereas the "Gold Tiger" version will be launching in July and you can pre-order them now on Amazon Japan and other third-party figure retailers. Be warned, the price of shipping them from Japan will be up there.

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