Konami unveiled a new video featuring a breakdown of Metal Gear Online's upcoming multiplayer gameplay.

This new gameplay footage of Metal Gear Online has made me a believer. I'm usually skeptical when single-player games get a secondary multiplayer mode shoehorned in, but Kojima's team is doing something entirely different. I was wrong to have previously dismissed Metal Gear Online as merely consisting of a group of generic soldiers with access to portions of Snake's arsenal of guns and stealth moves slapped into a 5v5 or 10v10 match. Luckily, MGO appears to be quite more than that.

Metal Gear Online has three classes: Scout, Enforcer and Infiltrator. The Scout uses sniper rifles for long range combat and to mark enemies from afar for other players to see. Infiltrators are more close combat-oriented, often using stealth camouflage, CQC techniques (you can interrogate enemies to automatically mark their partners' locations for everyone to see) and a silenced handgun in order to stay hidden. Lastly, we have the Enforcer, which is for players who like to go in guns blazing. An effective combo is to have two Enforcers working as a team, with one using a small machine gun and a riot shield while the other is right behind him with a larger weapon.

MGO's Bounty Hunter mode sounds like chaotic fun where both teams have a number of tickets. Whichever team's ticket number hits zero first loses. Killing an enemy drops their ticket number by a single point, but Fultoning an enemy increases your team's ticket number by the victim's accumulated bounty points (which are the number of kills a person tallies up before being Fultoned/dying). There's a mode where a defending team has lethal weapons and the infiltrating team has non-lethal arms with no respawns. There's also a king of the hill-esque mode called Communication Control.

Metal Gear Online will launch on Oct. 6, 2015 for anyone who owns Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Unfortunately, the PC version is delayed to early 2016.

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