Have you seen the Square Enix website lately? It looks like something is going down. It wasn't that long ago that Square Enix announced Final Fantasy IV for iOS, signalling that they had the App Store in their sights. Call us crazy, but we think that Square will have some big Final Fantasy news to deliver this Thursday.

Based on what those silhouetted figures look like, they have some serious, old school Final Fantasy goodness loaded in the chamber. Look! There's the black wizard, the fighter, and that big boy on the left has to be a Behemoth right?

While there's no official word on just what it's going to be, there's no shortage of speculation out there. The guys over at Pocket Gamer think there's a chance it could be a port of Final Fantasy V or Final Fantasy VI. While Kotaku seems to be convinced that it will be a brand new, original game.

So what will it end up being? We're gonna have to just sit tight and wait to see. Maybe it will be one big game featuring all the old characters gathered together, having a party on Setzer's airship. We'd play that.