Selina Kyle always looks good, but this armored version of Catwoman designed by Tetsuya Nomura is purrfect.

Polygon reports that the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts series' longtime designer, Tetsuya Nomura, revealed his upcoming Catwoman Play Arts Kai figure. This version of Catwoman is redone with Nomura's impressive designs and has a great blend of armor and sexiness.

The armored style of this Catwoman figure is obviously similar to Aqua's gear in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. We're not sure if we're a fan of Catwoman having long, purple hair, but the armor still looks great. Hopefully, Square Enix's booth at NYCC 2014 will have more information on this impressive-looking collaborative project.

Tetsuya Nomura is currently directing Kingdom Hearts 3 and was recently removed from the director's chair of Final Fantasy XV. Unfortunately, no sort of launch window was hinted at for this amazing Catwoman figure.

Square Enix

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