Tetsuya Nomura, the character designer, director and creator of the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts series, has developed his own Play Arts Kai Batman figure, and it looks amazing.

Square Enix has just announced the latest addition to its high-end Play Arts Kai series, the Dark Knight. That's right, Batman is coming back to the Play Arts Kai toy line, but in a completely different way than before. This re-imagining of the Caped Crusader features the original designs of Tetsuya Nomura, creator of the Kingdom Hearts series. Nomura did the character designs for a majority of the Final Fantasy series, and directed its most recent entries. You can tell that this figure prototype is quite similar to the armor sets of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep.

What could be even better than this unique take on the Bat? Nomura is actually designing an entire toy line of Batman figures for Play Arts Kai. While no price or release date was mentioned, we can't wait to see how he depicts the Joker, Harley, Bane and all the other villains of Gotham.

batman 2
Square Enix

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