With all the media attention focusing in on Daredevil being cast as Batman, and the rumor of Heisenberg playing Lex Luthor, Batman: Arkham Origins has been staying in the shadows. In Origins, Bruce Wayne only has about 1-2 years experience as the Caped Crusader. So for this list of 10 Characters We Want to See in Batman: Arkham Origins, many of the characters we listed would probably be meeting Batman for the first time. Considering that Rocksteady is no longer at the helm and the newly found Warner Bros. Games Montréal is in charge (along with both Conroy and Hamill's obvious absences), we are rather iffy as to how good Arkham Origins will be when compared to Asylum and City. Get ready to dance with the devil in the pale moonlight as the Bat-Signal shines on 10 Characters We Want to See in Batman: Arkham Origins.

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    Carmine "The Roman" Falcone

    At Odds with both Super-Criminals and the Batman

    Gotham's own Michael Corleone was the face of organized crime until Gotham's supervillains started doing it better. The Roman starts off our list of 10 Characters We Want to See in Batman: Arkham Origins because he was the heartless face of Gotham's previous generation of evil: the Mafia. We'd love to see him in Origins just to see how the Mafia don would react when he was cornered by both the Black Mask's rise to power in the criminal underworld (undermining many of his operations), and Batman's debut against organized crime.

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    Pursuing, not Allying

    Don't get us wrong, we loved playing as Catwoman in Arkham City, but we would have loved to pursue her as a criminal. Given Catwoman's appearance in the Year One story, it would make sense that Catwoman would appear in Arkham Origins. But, we would prefer to see her do what she does best: rob the rich, screw over other supervillains, tease Batman, fight him a little and get away. Changing Coppertop to a female might downsize this effect, but we would still like to see Brucie's amazement when he first encountered the acrobatic prowess of this purr-fect criminal (we know, our pun is a little bit too Eartha Kitt-like).

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    Battle of the Flying Bats

    Man-Bat might be one of the more over-the-top villains of the Batman series, but he would make an excellent opponent using the Arkham Origins engine. Just imagine how great it would be to investigate some strange animal attacks, only to find Man-Bat for the first time and have it fly away. This has the potential for an aerial chase that would end up having the two bats fight each other in midair once Bruce got close enough, or employ some type of sonic-based gadgetry to track and defeat it.

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    Dr. Harleen Quinzel

    From Psychiatrist to Joker's Squeeze

    We know, she had major parts in both previous Arkham titles. But, we mentioned Dr. Harleen Quinzel, not Harley Quinn. We have her listed her for two reasons. First, we want to see her as a psychiatrist interviewing the Joker and falling in love (though the audiotapes from Arkham Asylum pretty much say it all). Second, we really want to see her change from being a timid psychiatrist to putting on her trademark costume and trying to adjust to a maniacal life of crime.

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    Scarface & the Ventriloquist

    Berating Arnold Wesker

    We remember Scarface from his scenes with the Joker during the final acts of Arkham Asylum. Despite some instances in the comics of there being a metaphysical aspect to the puppet, Scarface is nothing without the Ventriloquist, a timid man who was constantly ridiculed and ruled by his wooden companion. Truth be told, Arnold Wesker is actually a top tier mafioso whose criminal outbursts manifest through his puppet. We would love to see an amazing voice actor single-handedly pull off both Wesker and Scarface's split personalities.

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    Hunting down the Mudman

    Halfway through our list of 10 Characters We Want to See in Batman: Arkham Origins is Clayface. Clayface obviously played a big part in Arkham City (no spoilers in the comments, please), but we would like to actually try and hunt him down using Bruce Wayne's intellect before making a move. Hunting down a shape-shifter amidst such a large backdrop with thousands of flunkies to hide as could mean miniboss fights at random (his impersonations looked completely normal in detective mode during Arkham Asylum). Imagine swooping down, knocking out a couple of goons like all the others, and BOOM, one changes into Clayface.

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    Dick Grayson

    Learning the Bat-Ropes

    Even though Arkham Origins is only one or two years into Bruce Wayne's venture as Batman, the timeline of the Arkham series leaves very little room for Dick Grayson to be Robin. By the time of Arkham Asylum (five years after Origins), Tim Drake will already be the third, fully-trained Robin and Dick Grayson will have become Nightwing. So it would make sense that the Flying Graysons' massacre would occur by this point (or be an actual event in Origins), with Dick Grayson learning the ropes as Robin, but sent to the sidelines due to the Black Mask's assassins. Nevertheless, we would hope that Grayson would be making mistakes like his master, and questioning his judgments left and right (foreshadowing his change to Nightwing).

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    Professor Pyg

    The Circus of the Strange

    Don't let his appearance in the new animated series fool you, Professor Pyg is one of the most sinister and volatile villains to ever set foot in Gotham. Instead of the Adam West-era of criminals wearing outfits according to their boss' theme, Professor Pyg would kidnap people, perform brain surgeries on them for their obedience, change them into sexless eunichs (ouch), and fuse a non-removal mask onto their face, complete with a scalp ginger hair. The disturbing Hush sequences of Arkham City tell us that Arkham Origins might be willing to push the limit as to Batman's subject matter. Most importantly, encountering Professor Pyg so early in his career would push Batman into questioning his no-kill rule while against someone so horrific.

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    Defacing Gotham

    Dollmaker is the wild card villain. Being recently written into the Batman mythos within the past few years, the Dollmaker hurt Joker in a way that Batman never would have dreamed of doing. Along with Professor Pyg, Dollmaker reflects a much more twisted form of criminal that Batman certainly is not used to. For his first few years under his cowled mantle, Batman's focus was on Gotham's organized crime syndicates. But throwing Pyg, Dollmaker and the Joker into the mix (all relatively close to each other in time), would really push Bruce Wayne to his limit, and show that there is something much darker to the criminal psyche than the traditions of greed, power or corruption -- there can be pure, unadulterated evil.

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    The Red Hood

    Setting up the Big Joke

    How could you have Batman meeting the Joker for the first time without exploring Mr. J's origin? The Dark Knight film kept it cryptic, so there's no need to do so here. There are numerous ways to make the Red Hood's downfall interesting within Arkham Origins. We imagine that the simple approach is best: place the introductory tutorial of the game at the Ace Chemical Plant. Have the Red Hood work for either Falcone (if he is included in Origin at all), or the Black Mask, and drop him into the chemicals (by accident, mind you), during the later part of the tutorial. Have the Arkham Origins story jump six months ahead, and voila, the birth of the Joker. Having the Red Hood introduced at such an early stage could properly build up to the inevitable sequel to Arkham City, where the second Red Hood could be the primary villain. Nevertheless, we feel that this version of the Joker origin story would be perfect, thus the Red Hood takes the top spot on our list of 10 Characters We Want to See in Batman: Arkham Origins.