Consider last week's news about Gorgeous Grandpa Simpson a mini update, because The Simpsons: Tapped Out is back with a new update. It's time to break out your best shillelagh and get ready for a wee bit 'o Ireland to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Springfield!

Here's what's new in Version 4.1.40, as per the release notes:

• New Building: Grab a pint, wet your whistle, and do the Irish proud by heading down to O’Flanagan’s Pub.
• New Characters: Help Tom O’Flanagan and the Leprechaun as they settle into town and fill it with Irish cheer.
• New Decorations: Add a wee bit of the luck of the Irish to your town with a Wishing Well and a Shamrock Topiary.
• New Quests: Will O’Flanagan’s find its place in Springfield or will the taps run dry?

O’Flanagan’s Pub? The Leprechaun? Sweet! We better be getting some gold if we're able to catch him. Hopefully he won't be as hard to find as Sideshow Bob. Seriously guys, what about Bob? We haven't seen him for awhile now and he'd make a fine addition to Springfield Penitentiary.

And has the nuclear plant started polluting Springfield's water? Nope, that's just some holiday cheer ... hopefully. We reached out to Mr. Burns for comment, but he had nothing to say on the matter.

Will we be hearing the sweet brogue of Colm Meany providing the voice of Tom O'Flanagan? We're low on donuts right now and will have to wait to see. But if you're a super user and have already sped up the construction of the pub, let us know!