Someone at 'The Simpsons' clearly loves Minecraft... or at least knows a good marketing opportunity when they see it. Hot on the heels of the Season 25 episode featuring a Minecraft-styled opening sequence, now players of this open-world, craftin', collectin' and minin' game can dress themselves like their favorite Springfield residents.

Since Minecraft's explosive popularity went nuclear, we've seen all sorts of amazing licensed downloadable content. You can dress your Minecraft characters as Left 4 Dead's zombie hunters, the rebel scum of Star Wars, loads of Marvel superheroes, the pistol-whipping maniac Master Chief and more!

Honestly, as far as licensed skins go, the Simpsons outfits... aren't the best. Everyone's proportions are a little weird, their eyes are a little off and Bart and Lisa are way too friggin' tall. Still, if you're a hardcore Simpsons fan (are there still any hardcore Simpsons fans after all these years?), and you're also into Minecraft, you'll probably end up snagging this pack in spite of the giant, white eyes staring into your soul and beckoning you into the darkness.

Minecraft's The Simpsons downloadable content pack releases in late February for $1.99 USD on Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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