It's a bad week to start school for Xbox One owners, since Minecraft's current-gen makeover is about to drop.

Update: The PlayStation Blog reports that Minecraft will be launching on the PlayStation 4 on Sept. 4. It will cost $19.99 ($4.99 if you're upgrading from the PS3 version). The differences between the PS4 and PS3 versions of Minecraft are the same as the ones listed below between the Xbox One and Xbox 360 (including the DLC being carried over to the current-gen system).

Original Story: The Xbox Wire reports that Minecraft: Xbox One Edition launches this week on the Xbox Store. The Xbox One Edition of Minecraft provides you with worlds 36 times larger than the ones available on the Xbox 360. You will also be able to move all of your favorite worlds and created content over to the Xbox One from your last-gen console if you'd like. Factor in four-player split-screen and eight-players online, and the Xbox One version of Minecraft is proving to be the definitive way of playing on consoles.

Minecraft hits the Xbox One Store Sept. 5 for $19.99. Those with the retail disc or digital version of Minecraft on Xbox 360 can upgrade to the current-gen version for only $4.99. Also, any kind of DLC purchased on the 360 version of Minecraft can be downloaded for free on the Xbox One once you upgrade.

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