Nintendo is giving you Inklings more modes to play with soon, with the upcoming Tower Control mode for Splatoon.

Tower Control is going to be added to Splatoon's multiplayer modes, to Ranked Battle. Players will be tasked with gaining control of a tower that is first-placed in the map's center. This tower will be rise into the enemy's base and will start moving automatically as soon as a player boards it. You'll have to take care if you plan on soloing a tower, because it will pretty much paint you as a target for the entire enemy team, increasing the likelihood of you being splatted.

So, instead of having you act as a lone wolf, the Tower Control game mode fosters teamwork. While one player rides the tower to the enemy base, the rest of the team can surround the tower and protect the rider. Your team will also be rewarded for working together, so why not exercise a bit of teamwork?

Players can expect to splat it up in Tower Control when the mode becomes available at 7PM PT on July 1. Just to sweeten the deal, the very first Splatfest event will be held all day on July 4. A Splatfest is an event that lets players choose a side in a popular argument. This first Splatfest will decide the winner in the debate of whether dogs or cat are better.

You can look forward to more content for Splatoon coming in the near future, but at least you can get your hands on Tower Control very soon.