Attention fans of Shellrazer! The developers over at Slick Entertainment fired off a blog post today that showcased some ideas-in-progress for their upcoming game Star-Razer.

In the post, Slick Entertainment artist Jesse "The Drawbarian" Turner detailed some of the concepts that they are working through for Star-Razer, including their efforts to create "a wacky and colorful universe full of weird aliens and awesome firepower."

According to Turner:

We wanted the hub of the game to take place in your ever expanding, custom fleet. Here you could dive into a single ship and tweak it out before sending it off to a super cool mission.

Just before Thanksgiving, Nick Waanders (the other main dev at Slick Entertainment), posted an announcement about Star-Razer and featured some more concept art and ideas that will go into the game.

Right now it looks like there will be two races of aliens, the Singers and Razarians. Waanders also revealed that they have quite an audience built in already, indicating that the holiday sale netted them over 500,000 downloads of Shellrazer.

We will have more information on this upcoming title as it becomes available. Also, be sure to keep up with the Slick Entertainment Dev Blog for updates as well.