Slick Entertainment has unveiled the announce trailer for its lane-based beat 'em up for the PlayStation 4, Viking Squad.

Caley Charchuk, Senior Designer at Slick Entertainment, posted on the PlayStation Blog, heralding the coming of Viking Squad, Slick Entertainment's beat 'em up starring a quartet of intrepid vikings that have been sent on a never-ending quest for gold and riches by their obviously-demon-possessed Jarl.

What makes Viking Squad different from most other beat 'em up games is that your characters can switch "lanes," which will allow for greater accuracy and less confusion when it comes to wailing on enemies, meaning that your hits will always connect if you're within range. Dice rolls in the background won't dictate the damage that you deal either, instead rewarding your well-timed attacks to land crits.

We'll be able tor ransack villages, equip new gear and then do it all over again, all for the sake of bringing gold back to the Jarl. But what of the malevolent, unnatural forces that are prompting the Jarl to collect loot like crazy? We can't wait to find out when Viking Squad is released for the PlayStation 4 in 2015.