Earlier this summer, we reviewed the armored turtle craziness that is Shellrazer. So you can bet that we were excited to see that an update is on the way that promises more levels, enemies and crazy upgrades that will keep you shelling like mad.

According to a post over at Modojo, where they were given a first look at the new content, developer Slick Entertainment will be dropping the upgrade into the App Store tomorrow! Right in time for winter as well.

Shellrazer's upgrades include new additions like Chuckles the Dragon who will bring down his fiery justice on those goblins, no matter how cold it is. To go along with the chilly backdrop for Shellrazer Ice-Breaker, there are new enemies that fit in with the arctic theme, including warriors that ride on the backs of walruses.

In total, there will be 24 new levels to crack through with this update. Fans of the original game, get ready for more wacky action. And to those who haven't played it yet, this would be a great time to hop on board the turtle's back and come along for the ride. Trust us, it won't be slow at all.