A month ago, Skullgirls opened up a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in the hopes that it would be able to raise $150,000 dollars for the completion of Squiggly, one of its DLC characters.

Now, a month later, Skullgirls has not only managed to fund Squiggly, Big Band (another DLC character), and a third “mystery character” that the community will vote on, but they have also been named the most successful gaming campaign that Indiegogo has ever funded.

At time of writing, the Skullgirls campaign has raised over $635,000 dollars, enough to accompany their mysterious third character with a stage and story mode. At this point, the team has run out of stretch goals, so they have added some more. As we said before, as $725,000 dollars the team will lend the “Z Engine,” the engine that Skullgirls runs on, to Mane 6, the developers of fighting is magic. At $825,000 the team will make a fourth character and at $850,000 that fourth character will get a story and stage. As a more reasonable goal, $650,000 dollars means that Mike Z will lend his voice talents to the game in order to bring us a “real soviet announcer” voice pack.

In addition, the Skullgirls team has reopened their third character description page. Every character now has a vastly expanded explanation of both their play-style and their story. The only character that is not represented is Juju, as her design was made as a result of a fan submission. As a result, she may not be available to be voted for during the Mysterious Character voting campaign.

Lab Zero has also recently revealed the rules for the voting campaign as well. Voting will take place in four rounds, slowly narrowing down the field of characters with each round. Every character will be available in the first around and anyone who donated money to the fund will get three votes. The second round will be conducted the same way with only the top sixteen from the first round, and similarly the third around will be a top eight vote off with the same rules once again. The last round will narrow down fan choices to only three and everyone will get one vote.

Finally, lead developer Mike Z said live on last week's Salty Cupcakes stream that progress has been made on the much delayed Xbox 360 patch. Though he couldn't say specifically what sort of progress has been made, he did tell us to look out for good news in the future.

Congratulations to Lab Zero and Skullgirls for shattering the expectations of the fighting game community and fighting game developers everywhere. If you want to have a say in which character Lab Zero creates next, head on over to the Indiegogo page and donate at least one dollar. There are only 38 hours left in the campaign, so hurry up!