Along with the heaploads of new Skullgirls DLC that will be made as a result of the astoundingly successful Skullgirls Indiegogo campaign, lead developer Mike “Mike Z” Zaimont is prepping a brand new balance patch as well which he previewed at last night’s Salty Cupcakes event.

The proposed balance changes are as follows:

  • Valentine will only be able to move after an aerial scalpel throw if the throw hits.
  • Cerebella can now use her cross-up from a command run without a kanchou followup. She must now hold an attack button to get the followup to come out.
  • Ms. Fortune’s head cannot be knocked off unless she is snapped out. Her LK Fiber Upper has less blockstun, more hit-stun, knocks the opponent further away, and cannot be sprung out of.
  • Ms. Fortune’s air-dash is now much slower and has to be executed far higher when her head is removed.
  • Ms. Fortune’s axe-kick forces an OTG state for head hits.
  • Peacock can now only have two bomb projectiles on screen at once.
  • Fillia’s aerial Gregor Samson now has increased recovery frames when she touches the ground.
  • Double’s catelite lives no longer trigger on double button inputs.
  • A new type of burst, green burst, is now available when combos go on for too long.

In addition, several of the first DLC characters, like Squiggley's, moves were cleaned up and showcased. Squiggly is currently planned for release sometime around July along with the release of the PC version of the game. This balance patch should drop at the same time, along with extra online support in the PC version for lobbies and other online functionality.

In addition, the Xbox 360 1.01 balance patch, which has been delayed multiple times, will finally be released in about two weeks. Mike said that the patch will be submitted to Microsoft soon.